“School of Aeronautics has identified major mission goals to guide its growth and development in the next 10 years.”

Offer world-class instructional Programs reflecting the high quality of the faculty and students, the depth and breadth of the curriculum underlining personal growth and development, the enhanced facilities and learning resources.

Increase the student enrolment, offer support for research, facilitate merit scholarships and other assistance and reward faculty for their professional accomplishments.

Offer assistance to the nearby villages and thereby help them come out of their economic and social concerns and also offer off-campus instruction to the needy children in those villages.

Provide technical assistance to business, industry and schools.

Tutorial Rooms for interaction and exploratory learning in small groups.

Increase the diversity of the student body, faculty, and staff and enhance multicultural nature of the campus community.

The college provides to students a balanced learning experience, including co-curricular activities that contribute to personal growth and help develop leadership skills, cultural clubs, campus residence hall life, artistic events, multicultural Programs, inter-institutional seminars and symposia, and intramural activities together with formal academic events.

The college has dedicated itself to provide every individual a conducive environment suitable to achieve his/her career goals with a strong emphasis on personality development and to offer academically inclined resources to gain quality education in all spheres of Engineering, Applied Sciences and Management without making any compromise on quality and code of ethics.

The college will help each student to help develop the ability to think critically and objectively to search and assess information and to communicate effectively in speaking and in writing.

The college will consider it as its paramount importance to expose each student to the knowledge and insight essential to meaningful participation in our increasingly technologically inter-dependent and fast changing globe.

The college will train its students to structure the learning experience to their everyday existence and use and thereby enable them to appreciate and understand their diverse cultural and ethnic heritage.

The college will try fostering into the students a lifelong love of learning so that they will be ready to face any challenges that life and career throw across them from time to time.