Practical training is an essential part of any engineering course. The institute has a well equipped workshop to impart practical training to students in basic workshop technology. The other laboratories include electrical lab, instrument lab and Radio navigation lab. These labs are equipped with all required training aids and other equipments required for practical demonstration and training.

Avionics Lab / Electrical Lab

Avionics Lab is well-equipped with the basic as well as state-of-the-art technology-Radio Communication and Navigation equipments. Other significant equipments, worth mentioning are : Radar System, Automatic Distance Finding System , VOR, Instrument Landing System, G.S. and Marker System. The highlight of the Lab is an Electro Static Device (ESD) Safe Work Station. Mock-ups of all the Instruments and Electrical equipments of Aircraft systems are available.

For Aircraft related practicals, students are taken to our Neemrana Campus, where our Aircrafts are parked. These aircrafts are fully serveciable with all its system operational.